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Top 8 Reasons to Wear Compression Socks

Top 8 Reasons to Wear Compression Socks

Poor blood circulation throughout the body can cause a whole host of problems from numbness and tingling to the brain not functioning. It's a common problem many people face but one that shouldn't be taken lightly.

For many, poor circulation is most obvious in their legs and feet, which is why their doctors recommend wearing compression socks. These are designed to fit very tight on the ankle, and that fit loosens the farther up the leg the sock goes. This design helps reduce many of the side effects of poor circulation.
Because poor circulation can cause such a wide variety of issues, it can be confusing to know if they'll help you. This guide outlines some of the most common reasons to wear compression socks and what they can do for you!

1. Improve Blood Circulation

The most obvious of compression socks benefit is that they will help improve the circulation through your feet and legs. That tight pressure on your feet, ankles, and legs helps the veins push the blood back to the heart.
Compression socks provide some of the structure that is needed for veins to be able to do their job properly but are often lost due to complications from pregnancy, diabetes, or old age. The more a patient wears them, the better their circulation is and the strong those areas become.

2. Reduce Swelling

The pressure of the socks will not only push the blood through the circulation system but also help eliminate the excess fluid as well.

3. Eliminate Cramping

Cramping is a common issue people face with their legs, especially at the end of the day or when they're experiencing some kind of injury to the area. These pains make it difficult to perform daily tasks. Even simply standing can be too painful after an extended period of time.

Wearing compression socks and improving circulation bringing more oxygen to the affected area. Proper oxygen levels allow you to move easier and eliminate cramps before they can happen.

Many people find a lot of relief from leg pain by adding a little bit of time in a compression sock each night.

4. Prevent Varicose Veins

Some people experience that kind of deep, cramping pain due to varicose veins. Varicose veins happen when the veins become twisted or partially blocked in some areas. They are typically very raised and can be seen easily on the skin, which makes them very painful especially when there is extra pressure.
Keeping compression on those potential problem veins can help keep the blood flowing to prevent them from getting too inflamed. The better the circulation is, the less chance there will be for real problems to arise. 

5. Increase Muscle Stability

Legs are such a common place to experience poor circulation because of how much pressure they withstand from regular use. The muscles in this area of the body work overtime to keep us upright and moving throughout the day.
Improving circulation can help the muscles to stay stable and even improve how they function over time. That increased blood flow gives them the power and energy they need to get the job done. Wearing compression socks on a regular basis can also help you strengthen and improve muscle
structure as well.

6. Treat Pregnancy Symptoms

If there is ever a time when a body goes through significant changes in a short amount of time it's during pregnancy. Many of those changes include getting bigger and the adjustments that come with that.
Wearing compression socks can help make a pregnant person feel much more comfortable, especially toward the end.
The increase in blood flow will help ease the swelling, making the skin feel less stretched and tight. It can also take away some of the pain that comes from the added weight on joints and muscles. While it won't solve all pregnancy-related problems, it can make your time much easier to manage.

7. Promote Athletic Ability

On the other hand, athletes who are in good health can also benefit from time with compression socks. Obviously, that kind of high level of movement can cause issues with the body. But compression socks can help speed up recovery times and even build some extra strength as well.
Those who participate in high-stamina activities, like running long distances, will benefit from adding a compression sock to their routine.

8. Continue Proper Function

In order to have good overall health and wellness, all of the areas of the body need to be working together and functioning. When you're in a position where something isn't doing that, it's easy for so many other areas to be affected.

Adding compression socks can help ease some of those pains and problems with a simple solution. There's no downside to trying these methods to see if you can keep your body working the way it's supposed to, regardless of the strain put on it.

Reasons to Wear Compression Socks

Out of all of the medical remedies you could be given, wearing compression socks is a relatively easy one to follow through with. Especially when you consider all of the different ways they can help improve your situation.

Compression socks can be worn basically at all times, regardless of the activities you're participating in. In many cases, the more you wear them the better off your situation will become and the more healing you'll experience. It's a good idea to test out how you feel after a short period and then build up to wearing them as long as you can.

Our wide selection of different compression socks allows you to find just the right style and fit to fit your preferences. If you're interested in learning more about anything we offer, contact us today!