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Compression Socks for Women: What Are the Best Options?

Compression Socks for Women: What Are the Best Options?

There's a lot of evidence to back the use of compression socks for circulation enhancement and post-exercise leg recovery.

Not least because compression socks are far more stylish and practical than bandages and pneumatic devices. All this makes it a lot easier to get the constant comfort and leg support that many people need.

But when choosing between compression socks, how do you select the right style and fit? Let's take a look at some top women's options to find out more about what they can do for you.


What Do Compression Socks Do?

Compression socks apply pressure to your legs. This then helps maintain blood flow, reduce swelling, and decrease discomfort. These benefits of compression socks are especially during pregnancy and after surgery. People with varicose veins also experience less pain and swelling when wearing compression socks.

Thanks to the way they help circulation, compression socks also provide a whole new level of relief for many physical workers. These include restaurant servers, nurses, police officers, and construction workers, among others.

But compression socks are far from the same thing as tight socks. Instead, the best models apply pressure through medical-grade compression sock technology. Developed alongside vascular surgeons, these socks offer a gradual level of compression from the ankle to the top of the leg. This ensures that compression socks are effective and comfortable all day long.

The Best Compression Socks for Women

You'll often see manufacturers labeling compression socks for women or men. Since getting a good fit is so important, this is often only to make finding the right size and style easier.

So, although all these are suitable for men too, here are some of the top options with women in mind:

Best Overall: Knee-Length Graduated Compression Socks

While many people wear compression socks for health and comfort, that doesn't mean they want to forsake style and fashion. These Knee-Length Graduated Compression Socks come in six different colors. This makes them ideal for pairing with pants, jeans, long skirts, and even knee-high boots. And, although we're focusing on their suitability for women, the range of colors and simple style makes them great for men too.

A key benefit of these compression socks is the graduated compression therapy they offer. This comes in at a high but wearable level of 20-30mmHg.

The smart fabric also comes blended with anti-microbial technology to prevent odor-causing germs. And, the breathable design and 360-stretch ensure ongoing flexibility, durability, and comfort.

Their minimal style and benefits make these perfect for anyone in need of wearable compression socks. And, since they're so versatile, stocking up with six or nine pairs also makes good sense. After all, you're sure to want to wear them every day once you try them out!

Best Easy-Wear: Knee-Length Zip-Up Compression Socks

If there's a sure-fire sign that you need compression socks, it's very swollen legs. But the irony is that this swelling can make it difficult to put regular compression socks on. This is why, for those of you with excessive swelling or enlarged calves, we recommend these Zip-Up Compression Socks.

No matter how swollen your legs are, extensive product testing shows that it's easy to get your foot in and pull the zipper up. And, since they're designed to help with swelling and the pain that often comes with it, you should soon start to see an improvement.

You'll also be happy to hear that these compression socks provide the same great benefits as all our compression socks. This includes graduated compression therapy, anti-microbial technology, 360-degree stretch, and a breathable design.

As a result, you won't have to compromise on results because of excessive leg swelling. Plus, the open-toe design of these socks gives your toes the freedom to move while ensuring much-needed support elsewhere.

Best Full Leg Support: Thigh-High Compression Socks

Looking for compression therapy benefits for your knees, quadriceps, and hamstrings too? If so, these Thigh-High Compression Socks are the ones for you.

Since they come in black and beige, these socks will look like regular tights with skirts. This makes them even better for those of you who need to wear a skirt or dress as part of a work uniform. Especially as it means you can enjoy the discrete support and relief of compression socks throughout the working day.

Some people might assume that thigh-high socks are awkward to wear. But these compression socks are sure to prove them wrong. As well as anti-slip silicone dots to keep them in place, these socks are comfortable, breathable, and supportive. They're also available in an open-toe design if you prefer added freedom here.

Best Extra Benefits: Copper Fiber Compression Socks

All the compression socks on this list are great for improving your circulation, stopping swelling, and reducing discomfort. But these Copper Fiber Compression Socks go one step further.

With copper yarn woven right into the textile, these compression socks offer extra antifungal and antibacterial benefits. This works to protect your feet from fungi and bacteria to reduce odors while promoting a healthier foot environment.

Copper is a powerful mineral that aids iron absorption. This means that it can boost your body's ability to maintain a healthy red blood cell count and circulatory system. And, in combination with copper's antibacterial properties, can promote wound healing. As such, if you're prone to athlete's foot or blisters, or if you're recovering from surgery or a foot injury, these copper-infused compression socks are ideal for you.

The Best Compression Socks for Women

With so many different kinds of compression socks out there, it can be difficult to know which to choose.

But with this list of some of the best compression socks for women to guide you, it should be a lot easier to find your perfect fit.

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