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"I have been wearing compression socks for sometime now I can say that these are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn. They are easy to put on and take off. My feet feel more rested at the end of the day so there must be something to the copper. My feet tend to swell across the top and there is less swelling with these socks than with others. I am 6' and I wear a 10 shoe and the L/XL fit my feet perfect and come to just below my knee." 

- Russ H. (Albion, Nebraska - USA) 
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Are Your Legs Aching From Standing All Day?

These Joocla™ Copper Fiber Compression Socks uses copper yarn woven directly into the textile. Copper is an important mineral that has been classified as an antibacterial by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Copper-infused compression socks aid iron absorption, allowing your body to maintain a healthy red blood cell count and circulatory system. Copper's natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities protect your feet from fungi and bacteria, reducing smells and promoting a healthier foot environment. It also aids wound healing, and the antibacterial qualities can help heal blisters and other foot injuries quickly.

Instant Pain Relief

Improved Performance

Quicker Recovery

Start Living And Enjoying Your Life Pain-Free!

It is beneficial and recommended for:

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Arch Pain

  • Varicose Veins

  • Heel Spurs

  • Swelling

  • Stiffness

  • Poor Circulation

  • Surgery Recovery

  • Numbness

  • Overuse

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Don't Allow Tired Legs to Take Control of Your Life
  • Form-fitting compression material wraps around your legs to enhance circulation and relieve weary, aching legs with graduated compression therapy.

  • Copper-infused anti-microbial technology is used to ward off bacteria and fungus in the foot area.

  • Promotes healing of cracked heels and blisters.

  • Improve the production of collagen and beneficial proteins in your skin making it exceptionally soft and smooth.

  • Keep your feet smells better at the end of the day.

  • Give Yourself a Boost: Our socks improve circulation, support veins, minimize leg swelling, and prevent orthostatic hypotension, which can induce dizziness or unsteadiness when standing.

  • Ultimate Everyday Comfort: A soft and breathable design contours to the legs for all-day comfort. Before washing, please wear 3-5 times and air dry.

  • Perfect for: Nurses, travelers, athletes, waitresses, parents, or anybody who spends the majority of their time on their feet.

Breathable Fabric

Odor Resistant

Ultimate Comfort

How do I know what size to get?

The different sizes, small medium large extra large, correspond to different shoe sizes. The sizes are meant to be equal to your shoe size.

How to put my socks on? As easy as 1, 2 and 3

Step 1. Place arm in sock palm to heel and grab heel with thumb like a puppet.

Step 2. Pull the top of the sock down and inside out.

Step 3. Place foot in a sock and pull over heel up to the knee.

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Black color copper compression socks.

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Copper Infused Compression Socks Black Color

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How can compression socks help me?

Blood from your legs must overcome gravity to return to the heart and lungs, where it is re-oxygenated and travels to the brain, vital organs, and the rest of the body. Blood circulation to the legs is often affected when people stand or sit for long periods and as people age.

This is a common problem in our modern world when desk jobs and long-standing jobs are a part of everyday life. Issues that could arise from poor circulation may include aching, swelling, stiffness, and weakness in the legs and feet. These symptoms can develop into varicose veins or Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). 

Graduated compression socks boost your circulation and help support your veins. Increased blood flow in your veins means more oxygen and nutrients are flowing to your legs.

These socks are designed with graduated compression along their length, strongest at the ankle and gradually looser towards the top of the sock. This design applies varying degrees of pressure to boost circulation in the lower legs, instead of just being “tight” and cutting off the blood flow.

Do copper infused graduated compression socks work better than regular ones?

It’s the copper ion infused yarn that makes copper compression socks better than regular ones. This natural micro-nutrient is essential to the growth and proper functioning of our organs, in addition to metabolic processes such as the formation of red blood cells. Most importantly, copper is widely used as a safe, natural, sustainable, chemical free, non-poisonous, non-drug, and non-invasive anti-microbial. The special anti-microbial and healing properties of copper makes it the ultimate element to add to compression socks. They just work wonders together for total foot and leg health. When you wear copper infused compression socks you are going to feel the difference.

There is extensive research now highlighting the efficacy of copper at destroying bacteria, fungi, and viruses on contact. Copper has been shown to destroy anti-microbial resistant bugs, such as MRSA, which are anticipated to kill more people than Cancer by 2050. Copper’s anti-microbial and micro-nutrient properties provide a host of benefits which are now being integrated into everyday materials.

Do I have to have a medical condition to receive benefits from Joocla Copper Compression socks?

Anyone can benefit from wearing copper compression socks. The Joocla copper infused graduated compression sock comes with 20 - 30 mmHg compression level. This provides the ideal compression to improve blood flow, move faster, react quicker, and use less energy. Great for daily wear, travel, and sports, these easy-to-wear compression socks help improve circulation without being too tight on your foot and ankle. The circulation support to fight fatigue and assist with faster recovery after exercise.

Here are some features that everyone can benefits with these copper compression socks:

- Soft Materials for Comfort and durability.

- Improving blood circulation in the legs to prevent varicose veins.

- Offers rejuvenating relief from arthritis, aches and pains.

- Relief from pain due to plantar fasciitis and foot injuries.

- Reduces foot and leg swelling, lactic acid production and cramping.

- Copper fibers regulate temperature.

- Makes your feet look slimmer yet feel wholesome and sturdy.

Are copper compression socks good for tired feet?

Copper infused compression socks stimulate the production of capillaries, collagen and other key proteins producing healthier, softer skin. Graduated compression socks provide a healthy circulation boost and oxygen flow keeping your legs from getting tired and achy and help eliminate pain and swelling. Additionally, thanks to the antimicrobial properties of copper, it protects your feet against fungi and bacteria keeping your feet healthy and odor-free.

What are top benefits of Joocla copper infused compression socks?

  • Anti-Microbial - Copper ions are scientifically proven to rupture and penetrate the cell wall of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Once inside, the copper ions attack the DNA of the microbe, totally inactivating the microorganism. The copper ions will kill immediately upon contact and cause potentially harmful pathogenic microbes, including superbugs, to be destroyed.
  • Anti-Inflammatory - Copper has been used throughout history to reduce inflammation, treat arthritis, Raynaud’s disease, joint pain, and other inflammatory conditions. Copper-infused products have been shown in studies to help ease skin inflammation and provide pain relief.
  • Anti-Odor - Foul foot odour is also attributable to the frequency of wearing socks and shoes, closed-toe shows, poor hygiene, and foot infections. Thanks to copper that has the ability to kill odor-causing bacteria keeping feet dry and helps to keep unpleasant smells under control. Even if you’ve been wearing the same socks for hours on end, it’s essentially self-sterilizing and therefore can be washed less often.
  • Improved Blood Circulation - Copper is a great conductor of electricity, its natural property helps to rejuvenate blood circulation through your legs through copper fibers capable reviving blood circulation. When combined with compression, it acts as an important tool for treating Raynaud’s disease, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), edema, varicose veins, venous eczema, lipodermatosclerosis, and other problems caused by poor blood flow.
  • Healthier, Firmer and Softer Skin - Copper plays an important role in the enzymatic processes that keep us healthy, which is why copper peptides are a key ingredient used in skincare, personal care and beauty products. Studies have shown that Copper stimulates the production of capillaries, collagen and other key proteins producing healthier, softer and firmer skin.
  • Durable - Copper ions are bonded to the fibers of the yarn on a molecular level, meaning they will not leach, and are machine washable. Wash tests highlight the fact that the benefits of copper will last the lifetime of the product. The durable construction of copper socks also helps them handle heavy wear and tear. Of course guides for washing compression socks should be followed always.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Copper has been registered at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an antimicrobial material. Copper is not poisonous, does not leach or pollute the environment and is anti-microbial even at room temperature.
  • Moisture Management - Moisture wicking material is combined with copper ions, to ensure that your feet and legs remain cool and dry throughout the day and night. Keeping feet dry is especially important when you’re active, since sweat encourages bacterial growth.
  • Enhanced Thermal Regulation - Copper ions infused into the fabric of these copper compression socks enables to minimize heat loss, thus relieving cold, numbness and foot pain in cooler temperatures.
  • Performance - These copper compression socks offers 20 - 30 mmHg which helps to enhance circulation, stave off the build-up of lactic acid and improve recovery, preventing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). Copper compression socks can help revive tired feet faster.
  • 100% Natural - Joocla copper infused graduated compression socks are designed for comfort, warmth, support and padding, to make your skin softer, protect scratches and wounds from getting infected, and more. The best part of it! These miracle benefits come from an environmentally friendly, long lasting, all-natural and chemical-free material!

How often should I wear my compression socks? Can I wear them to bed?

You can wear them every day! Ensure to wash the socks after each wear to maintain the shape and compression level for each wear. You can machine wash them, but air drying is preferred. 

 Wearing compression socks to bed is entirely up to you based on your comfort level. It is safe to sleep in the socks, but if you find it uncomfortable or experience any pain, you should immediately cease sleeping in compression socks.

I already have a pair of tight socks. Doesn’t that provide the same benefits as compression socks?

Just because a sock is tight does not mean it’s a compression sock that offers the same health benefits. Some tight socks can inhibit the flow of blood. Our compression socks are designed with targeted compression zones for compression therapy to combat the ache of plantar fasciitis, arch, and heel pain. They apply gentle pressure to your arch, toes, and ankles, promoting blood circulation. These socks were developed with the assistance of vascular surgeons and vein clinics and tested to ensure it offers an accurate compression level. 

How to wash compression socks?  

1. Soak your compression socks in a small tub, sink, or basin filled with cool water, then remove. Add a mild detergent or soap to the water and mix the water with your hand to circulate the soap. Place the socks back in the soapy water and let them soak for 5 to 10 minutes.

2. After soaking, gently rub the stockings to remove any dirt and oil. Squeeze them out and rinse to remove any soap. Be sure to squeeze them gently and do not pull the stockings, as pulling can result in an imperfect fit when trying to wear them again.

3. Once rinsed, lay the stockings out flat dry or hang the stockings out to dry. Do not place the wet socks heat and do not wring them as it may damage the weave of the compression stocking.

4. For machine wash, place the socks in a linen or mesh laundry bag for extra protection and wash using a gentle cycle.

Additional Tips:

Do not use a fabric softener or a detergent with a softener, as this will damage the fiber.

Avoid drying directly in the sun or on a radiator.

Wash your socks after each time you wear the socks. Washing brings back the elasticity to the socks and removes the build-up of oils and dirt.

Do not wear a pair of compression socks for more than three months. Many people replace their compression socks after two months. Just because the socks may look good does not mean that they still have the proper compression.

What about shipping and delivery? Where do your products come from?

We ship directly from the USA warehouse.

Which days do you ship?

We ship orders Monday–Friday.  Our fulfillment partner fulfills orders within 1 business day (Mon-Fri), a timeline which does not include weekends or holidays.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

For customers within the United States, your order should arrive within 3 - 8 business days after processing via USPS Priority Mail. For Canada it takes about 12 -14 days. In the case of Australia and UK it takes about 14 -18 days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Meghan J.

I've waited to write a review because I wanted to give an honest opinion. I've been wearing these socks everyday (I bought several pair) to work for 9 months now. I work at a hospital and I'm on my feet all day and these socks have literally saved my feet and legs. I do ultrasound and I scan people's legs who have vein issues so I don't want that being my future! I recommend these socks to some patients and all of my coworkers. I've tried other compression socks and they make my knees ache. These are so comfortable and stay in place all day.

Kate C.

My legs and feet feel amazing and well taken care of. I recently injured both ankles and had an incredibly difficult time getting around, that is when I decided to give the compression socks a try. Immediately I noticed that my ankles were more stable, which greatly helped with my recovery. The dr said the compression socks are great for circulation and was glad that I was using them. Since then, I have continued to use the compression socks for work outs and at work. I am on my feet for long hours and my legs definitely feel better after a long day.

Vikki B

These socks are fantastic! I bought L/XL because I have large calves. The fit could not be better. The socks go to just below my knee. The fit at the top leaves no marks whatsoever. I can immediately feel a release from tension in my legs, the socks just feel like I am wearing nothing! There is a nice band around the top of the foot that gives extra arch support. I washed the socks in eco warm with other clothes and let them dry flat. No loss in elasticity, these socks do not move once you put them on. When I take them off, there are no lines. Although I have read some reviews that suggest a sweating issue, I have not had a problem. The only thing I would change...well they are a little tough to put on and take off, but I think any tweaking in this function might change the wonderful way they fit.

Norman G.

If you are having vein problems as you age, you might find yourself in need of compression socks at some point. This review is for big guys in this situation. I weigh 275 at nearly 6 feet. So I have big calves. And the thing with compression socks is you want compression! But you don't want discomfort. These are really good here. You get three pair which is an outstanding value for this low cost. I measured around my calves and chose the L/XL hoping I picked the correct size. They fit perfectly. I have worn these about 20 hours a day, and slept with them on. I hope this helps anybody new to the world of compression socks.

Cherie M

Worked great, I wear a size 8 women and got the large since I was afraid the small would be too small. Its a little big but not bad. What I didn't know going into it is how HOT they will make you. Just so you know, its not like my feet were burning up but the rest of me was. Just so you know in case these are new to you. I think its normal for compression socks and such but new to me.

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How does it work?

Recommended by doctors and preferred by trainers.

You may use them to get rid of pain, avoid it, and get back on your feet. For travel, exercise, or employment that demands you to be on your feet all day, this is the ideal solution. Enjoy being able to perform what you enjoy without any discomfort or difficulty!

  • Improved blood circulation with graduated compression.
  • Revive tired feet and legs.
  • Boost muscle strength and performance.
  • Prevent blood clots in lower legs.
  • Prevent fluid build up
  • Helps in recovering faster.
  • Reduce muscle strain or stiffness.
  • Premium construction and comfort.
  • Great gift idea and investment for your feet.
  • Be comfortable and confident again.
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At Joocla we’re passionate about essential healthy lifestyle and we believe that being healthy is for everyone. Our compression socks offers premium graduated compression for all of your activities - running, walking, home workouts, or for everyday comfort. With Joocla Original Graduated Compression Socks we have created an All-In-One solution to improve blood circulation, accelerate recovery during workout, reduce muscle soreness, and help prevent swelling and varicose veins.