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ordered enough to know what size I like best, which makes easier to put on and take off

Very easy to get into and love the zipper. So confortable and don't even know you have them on.

Easy to put on. I got a large before but really like the S/M size more. Comfortable to wear. Easy to wash/dry. I wear them at night and during the day. They keep my leg and foot swelling down. Am a committed user.

As I get older I realized I needed a bit of help to keep my circulation going when I had to do a lot of standing. These are perfect. Light weight, easy to put on, and they work. Thank you.

Stockings seem to fill the bill. Give me the support that I need and are easy to get on and off.
Other stocking are hard to get on and off and the zipper to a great help.

I ordered the Blue, Black and White package and the blue and white socks fit fine the black pair must be a smaller size, I could barely get them on and they were too tight.

I truly thought there would be more compression but they are easier to put on and they do compress when they need to but the feet still swelling in the ankles so they’re OK but need more compression

These knee braces fit me well! When I walk, hike, do yoga, or work out at the gym, they are simple to put on and remain secure and comfy. I don't always use knee sleeves, but they are beneficial when I have discomfort or swelling in one or both of my knees. I don't often write reviews, but this compression sleeve is a fantastic, high-quality item I just had to share with others.

This has turned out to be the best compression sleeve brace for me. It is soft and allows a full range of motion while supportive. I have a slight medial meniscus tear which is slowly healing. It has caused quite a bit of pain. I think the straps are an excellent addition because after crossing them in the back, I can bring them to the front and arrange them exactly where I need support on the inside of the knee.

I have a terrible ACL in my left knee and got this brace for more support while SUP surfing. It fits under my wetsuit with ease. It gives me the added help I have been looking for without breaking the bank for a knee brace. It dries quickly as well for next-day use. I bought two and would buy them again.

I got this out of desperation because my arthritic knee has nearly wholly lost its cartilage and is quite painful. It supports my knee, allowing me to walk a little farther than I could before. Since I don't run, I can't say whether it helps one, but my friend who underwent surgery for a meniscus tear had also used this; she runs a lot throughout her morning 5-mile run. She claimed that it works well and is quite comfy. I highly recommend it.

I injured my right knee after falling on loose rocks while training for a half marathon. A week after, I had a 5k and didn't think I could run due to inner bruising and pain. THIS SLEEVE gave me the support I needed. I was expecting to walk the race but ran all the way. Worth it!

I have used mine ever since I had surgery for a meniscus tear. Use it whenever I do a lot of walking or, nowadays, out for my 5-mile morning run. It's comfortable and does the job. My husband tried mine on, and we got one that fits him. I just recently did the same for a close friend. And told two other friends in the last two days. Highly recommend you give this knee compression brace a try - follow the directions to determine your size.

I have a problem with one of my knees and have tried various supports, and this one is the best by far. It supports the knee well and, crucially, stays in place. The ones I've tried before going around the knee tend to slip down over time, but this one also has two long straps which cross over and wind around and keep it from slipping down. I almost forgot I'm wearing it because it's so light and comfortable so I'm delighted with it.

My first ever pair. I have pressure urticaria, so I was worried. The pressure is just enough to help with the varicose veins. They help keep them from aching while on my feet all day. The tips for using baby powder and gloves were great as well. They go on easy, and I was worried they would roll down since I have thick thighs. I found that if I didn't have them up enough, they sometimes did. However, now that I have pulled them up higher, they don't roll.

I love these Joocla stockings for helping with my circulation. I've had blood clots. Therefore I was told to use compression stockings, especially when travelling by plane and on long flights. Thigh-high compression socks assisted in reducing the edema in my ankles and legs.

My OB recommended getting compression stockings because I have uncomfortable varicose veins and am pregnant—this was a game-changer. I put them on during the day, take them off at night, and my nights are pain-free! They fit well since I took my measurements, just as the chart said. I'm 117 pounds. And have a height of 5'5". I can wear a Large. They stay up as they promise. My skin is not irritated by the grip. I'll be purchasing more.

Even though I've been wearing compression socks for a while, these thigh-compression socks are great. I have an issue with only one leg but try these out when I take my 15-hour flight to Asia. I purchase the 20-30 compression & they feel great. They don't slip down while wearing them. I had no problems walking in them all day. You can feel the compression & you can feel & see the quality of the material and artistry by the touch. I loved them so much that I purchased a 2nd pair.

Thigh-high compression stockings are something I've never purchased before. I was formerly apprehensive about this style because reviewers complained that the socks didn't stay in place or, if they did, were painfully constricted to the leg vessels. I was surprised that these stockings only dropped 1 to 2 inches during an eight-hour workday, which is expected when standing, sitting, and moving around. It is challenging for seniors with arthritic fingers to put on and take off stockings. Therefore, each user must carefully follow the instructions for putting on and taking off these socks or devise a method to wear these socks easily. The socks are functional and comfy.

These thigh-compression socks are life-changing. Wearing these at night takes away my Neuropathy pains almost wholly! A thing that several medications have tried for years without success.

I am thrilled with these excellent open-toe compression stockings, which are fantastic! One of my legs has a varicose vein that appears while I'm pregnant. I've been wearing a pair of compression stockings that I purchased from a medical supply company throughout my fourth pregnancy. Still, I thought it would be beneficial to have an extra pair to switch between and wear when I exercise. These Joocla stockings are of the same top quality as a pair of medical-grade socks I already own, and they fit well and are of excellent quality. They also aid my varicose veins a lot. They are long enough, which I also appreciate. From my ankle up my thigh, my vein runs. I bought a size medium that fits me perfectly (I'm 5.5" and weigh 124 pounds, for comparison). The stocking provides excellent compression and stops towards the top of my thigh. I can wear these all day since they are so comfy.

Regarding the silicone at the top, I've seen some reviews where individuals have expressed concern that it leaves marks. Although some people may be sensitive to silicone or experience an allergic response, which might irritate the skin, for those who are not affected, you will still see "bumps" or indentations from where the silicone dots "hug" the leg. That is typical. When I remove the stocking before going to sleep, the markings are usually gone by morning. Additionally, silicone is essential; without it, the sock would be unable to maintain its position. That's how my medical-grade stockings are as well. Overall, I'm pleased with these Joocla Thigh-High Compression stockings.

I've bought two pairs now. Thigh-high compression socks are suitable for my lymphedema. I showed these to my lymphedema therapist. She could get these up my legs, but I sure wasn't. I'm still trying. These stockings offer significant compression – the same as my medical grade. It was the first I tried that stayed up at my knee. It doesn't fall upon exercise. For reference, I wear xl pants and have lymphedema in my left leg.

Better than anything I have found. Due to my neuropathy and nerve damage, travelling is difficult for me because of the excruciating swelling in my lower extremities. These helped a lot. These stockings provide excellent compression, which ends towards the top of my thigh. These are so comfortable that I can wear them all day.